About Us

Poggio Rineschi Estate is an old farm of the end of 1800, situated in Maremma, and belong from our grand parents Eda e Fedele.
In the 1985 we started to build the new house, next to the ancient farm, from that moment our greatest pleasure it is to share with our guests, the love for our beautiful land in an authentic Tuscany.
This is the constant engine that every day drives us to take care of our place: making become Poggio Rineschi  a small corner of paradise to love and to live.


Our Pool
The New Villa
Our Family now
Our Garden
podere antico.jpg
The Old Farm
Mam and her sister
nonna Eda
Our Grand parents' family
Our Grand Mam Eda
My childhood swing
Nonna Eda a lavoro
Our Grand Mam hard worker

Cell. + 39 329 98 65 433 ( Italian - English)
Cell.  + 39 338 59 19 380 (Italian)

e-mail: poggiorineschi@live.it

​C. F.: MNCMLL52D46C085Y            © 2023 by Poggio Rineschi

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